Purpose of characteristic vibration (frequency) research

In living organisms represeted by humans, cells, tissues and organs are constructed from various atoms.
In both inside and outside of living organisms, chemical reactions such as metabolisms, intermolecular reactions involving structural transformation and electrophysiological phenomena have also occureed.
Therefore, it can be said that various mechanical, electrical, and quantum vibrations and waves are occurring.

Those fact can be inferred that each characteristic frequency exists between the source of the vibrations and waves or the constituent units, and then that phenomena such as resonance and attenuation have also occurred.

Based on this assumption, "Caretis" is working on the development of technologies that can be applied to examition and treatment methods by exploring the relationship between individuals, tissues and cells, as well as genes and proteins level.
As an example, we are focusing on enzymes that are thought to play an important role in ischemic cerebrovscular disorders, and are researching & developing aimed at defining measuring characteristic vibration(frequency) and applying them to examination and treatment.

■  Examples in the inspection area ■
【 Mechanical 】 Hammering inspection
【 Electrc resonance 】Frequency selection circuit
【 Quantum mechanical 】 MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)、
PET (Positron emission tomography)、Infrared/Raman spectrum