The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 has been announced

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicne 2019 was awarded jointly William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter j. Ratcliffe,
Gregg L. Semenza.
They established the basis for understanding of how oxygen levels affect cellular metabolism and physiological function.
Furthermore, their discoveries have also paved the way for promisising new strategies to fight anemia, cancer, and many other diseaes.(Quoted from the Nobel Foundation website)

Could their work be summarized in one word, HIF (Hypoxia-inducible factor)?
We consider HIF important to reveal the onset and tretment mechanism.
As shown in "Caretis's attempt to discover and diagnose ischemic cerebrovascular disease" on our website.
We proceeding research and development with the intent that to elucidate the mechanism which has been implicated in HIF in "ischemic cerebrovascular disease (Stroke)".
We believed our challenging in Stroke contribute to cancer, would healing, infection and myocardial infarction.