Technology, Information, and Service for Life Science  CareTIS, Co., Ltd.


Company name Caretis, Co, Ltd.
Industry Biological and medical manufacturing
Adress Head office : 3619-3 Mutsuno, Mobara, Chiba, 297-0012
Mobara Office  : Shinozaki Bld.3F 3-12-6 Takashicho, Mobara, Chiba, 297-0021
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Representative Kazuhiko Sakata
7 employees 
Capital 3 million yen
TEL Mobara Office   TEL:+81-475-27-3929
Business contents We operate the following business of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, reagents for research etc. based on biotechnology.
1) research and development
2) manufacturing of products ( including OME )
3) commissined examination
4) licensing business of our original technoligy
Business form Research and development of diagnostic / test technology, drug discovery seeds, treatment / measures methods, etc. production and sales of products, service provision, etc.
R & D field 1.Research and development of the diagnosis and inspection technology with "high sensitivity, quick detection, general purpose".
2.Production and sales of indoor enviroment inspection kits and related products.
3.Research and development of drug discovery and treatments for lifestyle-related diseases (ischemic brain and heart desease, cancer, deabetes, etc.) or immune diseases.
4.Research and developmen of IT (AI, IoT, etc.) technology that can be used in drug dscovery, diagnosis, inspection, therapeutic fields.
5.Research and development for analysis and practical application of biological phenomena based on quantum technology.
6.Research and development for utilizing life matelials (DNA and neural network models) in the computing technology.
Intellectual property application 1."Cytotoxicity inhibitor"(Japan patent No. 4232866)
2."Anti-mite agent"(Japan patnt 2010-180130)

3."Method of measuring pollen amount and kit for measurement"(Japan patent 2007-236310)
4."Int6 protein involved in hypoxic stress response and its utilization(Japan patent 2006/123644)etc.                                                     
Company PR Our mission is to quickly provide the content and products that customers and the market require, using the knowledge and technology acquired through our past research and development.                 
Participating group Chiba Bio-Lifescience Network, Metropolitian Bio Network Japan

                               Update date:June 20, 2018

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