Detection technology
A. Detection using antibody  

Ⅰ. Simple detection

1. Immunostick, immunotube method
 Immunosticks and immunotubes, provided by Themo Fisher, are sesearch and diagnosic instruments
 for performining ELISA assays.
 [ Produc t] "Fastest tick"
2. Immunochromatography
 Immunochromatography is a method of detecting an object (objects) using an antigen-antibody reaction
 that occurs on a membrane, and is widely used in influenza virus detection and pregnancy diagnosis etc.
 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.  

Ⅱ. High sensitivity detection

1. Luminescent immunochromatography
 It is a method to improve the detection sensitivity of an object (objects) while maintaining the specificity and reproducibility of immunochromatography.
2. Immuno PCR
 Immuno-PCR is a highly detection method that combines the specificity of the antigen-antibody reaction
 with the excellent sensitivity of the PCR method.
 [ Details ] > Immuno PCR a highly sensitive antigen detection techonolgy  
B. Gene detection ( in preparation )
1. PCR
2. RT-PCR  
C. Oral care ( in preparation )
1. Medium
2. Detection methods using antibody
3. Detection methods using bacteria-specific enzymes
4. Gane detection
D. Flow of consignment