Linked to medicine ( Drugs, Inspection, Diagnosis )
Ischemia related
  This is a fungus-derived substance effective for ischemic neuropathy and neurodegenerative disease ( Patent No.4232866,Japan )
  This is a blood marker that rises during cerebral ischemia
 INT6/elF-3e/HIF ( Hypoxia inducible factor )
  These are intracellular factors associated with hypoxia.
 NF-AT ( Nuclear factor of activated Fcells )、NF-kB ( Nuclear factor-kappa B )
  These are intracellular factors that regulate gene expression, and deeply related
  to inflammation, cell necrosis and apoptosis,which is also related to hypoxia.
Detection technology
 Immuno PCR
  This is a technology to detect antigens with high sensitivity.
Evaluation model
  We are trying to creat disease models by genome editing, biochemical and pharmacological methods.