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 抗体製品 Core Technology

The new challenge of CareTIS

CareTIS have provided the effective and attractive products and services
by working in tandem on research and development of
"diagnosis and inspection technology" and
"drug discovery and therapeutic seeds" .

  A. Diagnosis and inspection technology

CareTIS conducts research and development of diagnostic and inspection products
from two perspectives: ①generalization and ②innovative antigen detection technology.
An inspection kit that performs indoor enviromental inspection as simply and quickly as possible.
  (Fastest "bacteria" "ticks" etc.)
High sensitive antigen detection technology using antibody:We provide the assay kit and reagents of "Immuno PCR" and under take the construction of "Immuno PCR" assessment system. Outsourcing development of "Luminescence immunochromatography" that enables highly sensitive immunochromatography with high specificity and easy operation.

 BDrug discovery and therapeutic seeds

CareTIS is engaged in R & D on drug discovery and therapeutic seeds based on a business stance like under illustration, focusing on lifestyle-related diseases such as ischemic diseases of the brain and heart, allergies, immune diseases cancer and diabetes etc.


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